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A company of burning hearts!

Frankston Life Church is a company of believers called to serve the city, the churches of the city and the nations through worship, prayer and intercession re-digging the ancient wells of reformation and establishing a beach head of His presence releasing the redemptive call over this city and the nations

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Our Story

Frankston Life Church was launched in May 2017, however we have been around for quite some time! We were previously known as Jubilee Church. Over the last season we have felt that the Lord has been reshaping us and thus Frankston Life has been born.
A significant scripture for us at Frankston Life is Isaiah 58:12
Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the streets in which to dwell.
We place a high value on:

  • Community and family values outworked through multi-generational relationships, wholly embracing the lonely and disconnected.
  • Worship expressed through music and song as well as times of quiet and reflection.
  • Mercy, which we believe to be a key attribute of our Father’s Heart and we will go the second mile to walk a journey with people

We believe the Lord has called Frankston Life to be a church whose chief mission is to serve our city, serve the Churches of our City, and to serve the nations through prayer and intercession.

    Our Worship

    One of our strong priorities at Frankston Life Church is to worship. Worship that springs forth from our devotion and desire for intimacy. Worship can best be described as adoration and exaltation. In our service we love to worship the Lord. This can take the form of singing or simply standing in awe, but the priority is God and Him alone.

    In these intimate times you can receive a healing, a touch from His hand, or even a word of encouragement. Our strength comes from these times of intimacy and closeness with the Lord. His presence comes and dwells among us.
    Frankston Life has written and produced many of our own worship songs. Mostly written by Susanne Whitby. They are songs that exalt and worship God, written under the banner ‘Southwind’. They are an expression of our heart towards God and attract His presence.
    To visit the ministry site for Mark & Susanne Whitby – the senior leaders of Frankston Life –

    Stiebel Place

    Stiebel Name Meaning. German: variant of Stiefel. Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname from Yiddish shtibl ‘small house’, ‘Hasidic house of prayer’
    Stiebel Place is a creative / prayer and worship space that is used to host gatherings and events in our city.
    Prophetic art, coffee and conversation.
    A great space in our city to sit and ponder and just chill and listen.

    We are at:
    19 Stiebel Place, Frankston
    (right behind the shops)
    Come and check us out